All mechanical clocks should have their movements cleaned regularly. Tiny dust particles combine with the clock's oil to create an abrasive that wears the moving parts. If left unclean, this leads to premature wear. Clocks that have been unused for many years also need to be serviced. The oils turn into a sticky varnish, that no longer offers adequate lubrication.

Best results are obtained when cleaning is an integral part of the total repair process and thus can't be done solely by itself. At the time a clock is serviced, it is completely disassembled, pivots are polished/repaired and worn pivot holes are bushed. Chime, strike, handset, and escape functions are all checked out at this time. Anything physically broken is repaired or replaced. After all this, the movement now in many pieces starts it's first of several ultrasonic cleanings before the final rinsing. The clockworks are then dried, reassembled and lubricated. The clock is then adjusted to work correctly and keep the proper time.

There's no such thing as "It's just dirty and needs to be cleaned.” All of our repair charges and quotes include thorough and complete cleaning and our work is warrantied for up to 4 years.

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